Everyone knows that having a great smile can do wonders for your self-confidence. That can be hampered by stained teeth from coffee or other habits. Stains from foods and drinks can build up over the years, causing your pearly whites to lose their shine. If you’re ready to brighten your smile, Orangewood Family Dental can help you out.

teeth whitening orangewood dentalMany at-home teeth whitening products are available at the drugstore, but professional teeth whitening at the dentist remains the most popular cosmetic procedure. The reason this procedure is most popular in the dental setting is because in-office whitening treatments use a much higher concentration of bleaching agents than the drugstore products, which will allow better, faster results. The procedure is also the safest method since is is performed under your dentist’s supervision. As a result, you can get a noticeably whiter smile after just one appointment.

Higher concentrations of bleaching agents used in the whitening gel might cause concern about tooth sensitivity or irritated gums, but while the formula used in the whitening gels available at the dentist’s office are stronger, your dentist performing and supervising the whitening procedure ensures that your gums are protected during the procedure. In the event that tooth sensitivity does arise afterwards, it is generally a temporary condition that goes away after a few days.


Is Whitening Right for You?

In-office whitening procedures are completely safe, and generally speaking, just about everyone can benefit from a tooth whitening treatment, but speak to your dentist first to see if now’s the right time to brighten your smile. If you have gingivitis, enamel loss, or if you are pregnant, now may not be the time for whitening treatments. Give us a call today to see if professional tooth whitening is right for you.