Digital X-Rays

Here at Orangewood Family Dental, we use dental x-rays as a diagnostic tool to detect damage to your teeth that’s not visible during a regular exam. In recent years, digital x-rays have emerged and revolutionized the way we use x-rays. Digital sensors are used in digital x-rays that are connected to a computer instead of traditional film. The x-ray is transmitted to the computer where the dentist can instantly see it after it is taken. This means a lot less time waiting for the results. Also, digital radiography emits 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays, meaning they’re far safer, especially if your particular situation requires x-rays to be taken more frequently than usual.

The most common type of dental x-ray that we take are intraoral x-rays. These allow your dentist to see cavities between your teeth, check your jaw and monitor the general health of your teeth and jawbone. The dentist will most likely take an x-ray to determine the present state of your oral health and discover any existing conditions during your first appointment. X-rays will then be taken as needed. Children may require x-rays more often than adults since their teeth and jaws are still developing.

digital x-raysWe also use a panoramic x-ray, a type of digital x-ray that captures an image of your entire mouth, including the jawbone and sinuses. Panoramic dental x-rays are important for examining tooth positioning and development and planning a treatment for braces, dentures, extractions and implants. An important diagnostic tool used in dentistry, x-rays are vital and the technology makes the process faster and safer than ever. If it’s time for an oral exam, give us a call today!