Because we’ve all been told a million times how important it is to floss, but may not have been told exactly why that many times, today, we’re spelling out what flossing actually does for you. Here are some of the immediate and also some long-term benefits of flossing daily.

  • Your breath won’t stink. While most people check their breath by cupping their hands over their mouths and trying to take a whiff of their exhale, that doesn’t really tell you anything besides what your hand smells like. There are many more effective ways to check your breath, and one of the best ways is to smell your dental floss after using it. If the floss reeks, then so does your breath. Luckily, flossing is the best way to remove rotting food particles from between your teeth that are contributing to the smell, and if you stick to flossing regularly, it will eventually lose its stench.
  • You’ll look younger longer. One of the biggest problems that non-flossers face at some point is gum disease. Especially when it becomes more advanced, gum disease can ruin the youthfulness of your smile, and in some cases, even lead to tooth loss. Flossing helps stave off gum disease and keeps your teeth looking young and healthy.
  • Your teeth will be MUCH cleaner. Every time you eat or drink, there will be a film of plaque over your teeth and gums. Brushing gets rid of about half of that plaque, and only on the surfaces that can be reached with the toothbrush. Even if you have an advanced sonic toothbrush, you’re still not cleaning off the plaque between your teeth. Flossing is the only way to reach these inner surfaces and get rid of the plaque there.

While getting into the habit may be tough initially, the payoff is too big not to keep trying. The ADA recommends flossing at least once per day, and right before bed is usually the best time. Flossing is considered at least as important as brushing in order to maintain great oral health. For more information on how to improve your oral care habits, talk to us today.