Well, school has officially started. Congratulations to all of the moms and dads, who now find themselves with quiet time while the kids are away. Congratulations to all of the students and faculty as well for continuing your education path.

School is enjoyable for children because it is a time where their minds can grow, they can play with friends, and- most importantly- school lunches! Nothing beats mom’s PB & J, right? Although school lunches can be the greatest sometimes, they often can include things that are not the greatest for oral health. Orangewood brings you a list of the worst lunch food for your children’s teeth.

  • Starch-Filled Foods: Starchy foods include potato chips and white bread. These are bad for oral health because they stick to the child’s teeth, and can give the bacteria in there fuel to cause decay.
  • Sugary Drinks: Even though its common knowledge sugary drinks are bad for overall health, many people don’t think about how bad they are to oral health. Sugary drinks cause cavities and decay because the sugars attach to teeth and fester, ultimately causing decay.
  • Dried Fruits: Dried fruits are also deceptively bad for teeth. They are sticky and acidic, which means they stick to the child’s teeth, and then breaks down the enamel once it’s there.

It is important to teach your children about oral care from an early day. An easy tip is to send your child to school with a disposable toothbrush. That way, they can brush their teeth during recess or right before class to clean their teeth of the lunch they just ate. If that is not an option, simply have your child rinse their mouth out well with water before returning to class. Even something as simple as that can cleanse the mouth and reduce decay from lunch foods.

Equally as important is keeping them on a regular schedule with the dentist. Call us today to make an appointment if your child is due for a check-up.

Good luck to all of the parents, faculty, and students this year! Orangewood Family Dental wishes you all a safe, happy, and productive school year.